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Sleep Study

What is a sleep study?


A sleep study is an overnight recording?of your sleep, breathing, heart rate, leg?movements and snoring for the diagnosis?and evaluation of sleep disorders. Sleep?studies can be performed either at home or
in hospital.
What is the purpose of a sleep study?
The purpose of a sleep study is to get a?thorough understanding of your sleep and?to identify disorders that interfere with sleep
and daily life.

Why do I need a sleep study?
Warning signs like snoring, tiredness,?sleepiness or other medical conditions, it?would be appropriate to assess if you have
a breathing or movement disorder while you?sleep.

What sleep disorders can be?diagnosed?
Home-based sleep monitoring can diagnose?snoring, obstructive and central sleep apnea,?periodic leg movement disorder, and insomnia.
The sleep study can also give valuable information?to assist in the diagnosis of delayed sleep phase?syndrome and narcolepsy.

What is involved in a home-based sleep?study?
On the day of your sleep study a trained sleep tech?will visit you and attach a sleep monitoring device.?The device is worn overnight to monitor breathing,?oxygen level, brain activity, cardiac activity and
body movements using several simple sensors?applied to the skin surface. The device is then?removed the morning by the sleep tech.

For booking or enquires about home-based sleep
studies, call Sleep cure on?9871162211.

Additional information to be provided

? Any treatment devices that you may be?using such as CPAP equipment including all?accessories, or an oral appliance.
? A list of medications you are currently taking.

Preparation before your home-based?sleep study
Prior to applying your sleep study equipment,?have your usual evening meal. In order to get?a good contact between the sensors and your?skin, please shower, remove any makeup or?nail polish and wash your hair. Do not apply?moisturizers or oils to your skin.
The sleep study is a record of your night?s sleep.?Your routine should remain the same as usual.?The only difference being you will be applying?and wearing a sleep monitoring device. The?sensors will be placed on your body as instructed?at your appointment, approximately?30 – 45 minutes before your usual bedtime.
Take your medications as usual unless otherwise?instructed. At the end of the study, equipment?will be removed.

How will I get the results?
Your results will be sent to you/your referring?practitioner within 2 business days. Please?ensure that you have scheduled a followup
appointment with your doctor or our?specialist to discuss the sleep study results.

Other services we provide
In addition to diagnostic sleep studies, we?also provide a CPAP service, including mask?fittings, machine servicing, trouble-shooting
of equipment problems, and treatment?reviews. Other services include: specialist?sleep and consultations.

Do You Have a Sleep Disorder ?

To find out, check all those that apply to you
from the list below.

effects of sleep deprivation

  1. Do you Snore?
  2. Wake up feeling tired?
  3. Wake up with a headache?
  4. Feel drowsy during the day?
  5. Fall asleep unintentionally?
  6. Wake often during the night?
  8. Stop breathing while asleep?
  9. Have leg twitches during sleep?
  10. Have leg swelling?
  11. Have difficulty falling asleep?
  12. Have difficulty staying asleep?
  13. Have high blood pressure?
  14. Have high blood sugar?
  15. Have recent weight gain or are overweight?
  16. Do You Sleepwalk?
  17. Do you Have nightmares?

If you answered ?yes? to two or more of these questions, The Sleep Cure Solutions can help you.

Dr.Prerana Garg
Medical Director
233,Sector 22A
Gurgaon, Haryana,
India 122001
M – +91- 9871162211

Announcement of Our New Blog.


We have started our new part and i.e blogging. We are very happy to announce this as, it will help us reach to those people who don’t take their sleep seriously.

Sleep is a habit, so it can be good as well as it can be bad. Hence we will be insuring that all our loyal followers get a good insight on sleep, we are new delhi base?Centre for Sleep Health.?We have expertise in the assessment and treatment of all types of Sleep Disorders from Breathing Related Sleep Disorders such as Obstructive Sleep Apnoea (OSA) through to patients with Insomnia, Narcolepsy and sleep related problems of Pregnancy, Psychiatric and Medical conditions .Our technical staff is well trained and highly experienced in conducting Polysomnography.

Remain updated on our blog where we will guide you through good health and sleep.

Did you know ,?Sleep apnea is considered a leading cause?of stroke, with over 70% of stroke patients…

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