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How to find the best sleep scoring outsourcing partner in India?

You?ve been thinking about sleep study scoring outsourcing for the past many days ? and finally you?ve decided to give it a try.

However, you?ve no idea about where to start from. Don?t worry ? through this blog post, we?ll try to help you take an informed decision so you can end-up with an outsourcing partner that takes the burden off your shoulder, and help your lab become way more productive than it is today.

The benefits of outsourcing are compelling. And India has a good number of sleep specialists and sleep technologists who provide high quality and cost-effective sleep study scoring services. So, it?s great that you?ve zeroed-on on India to outsource your sleep study data scoring work.

About the Sleep Study Scoring service Data

When we talk about sleep study data, we?re essentially talking about electroencephalogram for brain waves (EEG), electrooculogram for eye movements (EOG), and electromyogram for muscle activity (EMG). The data also includes electrocardiogram ? for heart (EKG), snore sounds, as well as airflow and respiratory effort movements.

How to find a good sleep study scoring service?

There?re no secrets to finding a good sleep study scoring service provider. But what you can at least do is ensure the following:

1. The team must be trained / certified

Some clinics work with staff that is just not trained or certified in their field. And thus, their scoring cannot be trusted much. Ideally, the people who?ll be scoring the sleep files should be registered sleep technologists (RST) or registered polysomnographic technologists (RPSGT). And it is important that they?re routinely updated on the latest in their field.

2. Ask for references, for sure

If they?ve been in sleep scoring services for some time, the sleep techs should readily provide you references of which other sleep centers have used their services in the past, or about their current customers.

3. Other vital details you should seek out

Speak with the prospective sleep study data outsourcing service provider about their charges. Usually, the charges depend on factors like volume of studies per month, software used, and other services provided.

Do also spare an hour or two to browse their website. Merely this single thing will help you decide whether you should stick with the service provider or move on. Read through their ?about us? page so you can get to know their sleep specialists and staff, their contact details, history, and kind of other things.

If you get a chance, do speak with the team you?ll be working with ? a little conversation will help both the sides know each other and pave way for a better understanding and communication.

At Sleep Scoring Solution (SCS), we?re a passionate academic team of sleep technologists and sleep specialists. We?ve been helping sleep labs and hospitals worldwide for years, and a large base of our clientele is with us since our start in 2011. We use the latest technology, such as Cloud, and HIPPA compliant services. And, we?d love to ease your burden and contribute to your productivity!

Our certified sleep technologists work like your extended team and score studies with utmost precision so that you can diagnose and treat your patients in a much better way.

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Planning to outsource sleep scoring services? Here?s how Sleep Cure Solutions can help.

Worldwide, more and more people across age groups are getting affected by sleep disorders, particularly sleep apnea, insomnia, restless legs syndrome, narcolepsy & parasomnias.

This has put an increased pressure on sleep labs and services. The reimbursement pathways are getting increasingly complex and there is mounting pressure on the margins. Many sleep services are struggling to stay afloat; Innovation has become a necessity without which sleep centers shall find it difficult to attend to the growing numbers of patients. One way of simplifying the process is outsourcing the scoring of sleep study data to reliable partner. The problems of lack of qualified sleep technicians in many parts of the world can also be dealt with by using this pathway. Casual use of freelancers cannot be trusted for quality and timely delivery.

A new trend has been strongly emerging lately ? wherein, sleep study scoring services are outsourced. Though some are skeptical about this model, many have already tested the waters, and are finding it the best way to tackle the lack of staff and to lower their costs significantly.

The company you outsource, in many ways, acts like your extended team. Sleep centres can save on costs spent on data processing and focus on core processes like marketing and taking care of patients. Often sleep services have to resort to using freelancers for clearing backlogs which turns out to be an expensive long term strategy. They should instead zero down to service provider that has been in sleep scoring for a good number of years, and can provide quality sleep scoring services at a fair price. It is important that the service provider understands the intricacies involved in scoring sleep data, and can provide correct scoring consistently.

Sleep Study Scoring and Sleep Cure Solutions

SCS is a leading provider of sleep study analysis and interpretation services, and caters to leading hospitals, private sleep labs, universities, research institutions worldwide, helping them achieve better work and financial efficiencies. These organizations have been our clients since their signing up with us, five years ago.

Studies are turned around in less than 48 hours. And then you don?t even need to enter into long term contracts with us. We believe in complete transparency and fair pricing. When you hire us, you can be rest assured about the quality and consistency in sleep study scoring services. Since our inception in 2011, SCS has played a key role in the success of many leading sleep services providers globally.

We are an academic group focused on providing high quality diagnosis to the global community. We have 24×7 expert technology team, and leverage cloud technology and HIPPA compliant services to connect with the multi-site, multi-geographical locations in an optimal fashion. All the measures are taken to ensure data confidentiality. All the team members are thorough professionals, and are trained on the latest in sleep scoring.

Looking for an experienced sleep study scoring services provider in India?

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