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When you feel a need to find someone who could help you with sleep data scoring

Outsourcing is not a new idea. It?s been out there for long, though it?s true that sleep medicine industry has picked up on this model of working a little late. Now if you?re someone who?s in-charge of a sleep lab or sleep clinic and are actively looking out for someone in a country like India who could help you take the sleep data scoring pressure off on your shoulders, you?re at the right place. In the coming paragraphs, we?ll tell you why Sleep Scoring Solutions (SCS) has been able to support some of the world-renowned sleep labs and hospitals to provide care for their patients suffering from sleep disorders.

Cherishing the Values of Trust and Quality

SCS has been around for long. It is led by a team of world-renowned sleep specialists like Dr. Himanshu Garg (read about his credentials here), and a team of rigorously trained sleep technologists.

At SCS, the team works across all sophisticated software platforms available such as Compumedics, Sandman Elite, Alice 5, G3, Nihon Kohden, Rembrant, Remlogic, Somnologica, Cadwell, and Stardust.

The team understands how time is a critical component in the diagnosis and treatment of a patient

Sleep disorders severely affect the mental, physical, and spiritual health of people. When you don?t sleep well, you don?t wake up feeling well. Absence of quality sleep in life makes you more likely to put on weight, have heart stroke, diabetes, and fall prey to an accident (since lack of sleep for long makes you feel drowsy all day). That?s why, SCS has built a process that ensures fast turnaround of sleep scoring ? within 48 hours – so that its clients can diagnose the health of their patients faster and take appropriate steps without losing any precious time.

The team is proficient in manual testing, giving the sleep labs an edge over their competitors that take decisions on automatic analysis

SCS believes that manual scoring is the best route to get the true and complete picture of the sleep health of a patient. However, manual scoring requires way more efforts and expertise on the part of the person who?s scoring a sleep study. That?s why SCS invests in its team of sleep technologists and encourages them for continuous learning so they never fail in delivering the best results to its clients worldwide. With the manual sleep data scoring services, you are in a much better position to diagnose the sleep health of your patients and help them to get back to their normal lives.

The costs make sense

Outsourcing, at least for the first time, is likely to make you a little nervous or unsure. You can have many questions up on your mind ? and this is fine. The team SCS is all ears when it comes to discussing your need for quality and fast-turn around sleep scoring services. Best of all, SCS keeps its pricing completely transparent and competitive.

Do you know this?

Outsourcing your sleep data scoring services to a reliable partner in India could save up-to 40% of your costs and allow you more time to spend on your core business activities like marketing, interacting& serving patients and building your business. Whether you represent a large or small lab or a start-up, outsourcing has something for everyone.

Have a project to outsource? Just give us a call at +91- 9871162255.

5 reasons to have a sleep study

A sleep study/test is an overnight study of your sleep health. The test can be done at a sleep centre or at your home. But you just cannot go to your doctor and get it done if you suspect a sleep disorder ? it is a sleep specialist who is the one who takes a call as to whether you need to have a sleep study.

Here are some reasons to consider inquiring into a sleep study:

You have sleep problems

Most of us feel that sleep struggles aren?t worth discussing with a doctor. Not true!

If you often struggle to fall asleep or regularly wake up all night to use the bathroom or have frequent nightmares that make going to bed again difficult, you should consider speaking with a sleep specialist for a sleep study. Sleep study is a painless procedure and will help rule out the presence of any sleep disorder.

You feel drowsy all day

We all are meant to sleep at night and remain active in the daytime. But if you feel extremely drowsy all day even after taking a full night sleep and this continues for long, it can be a sign of an underlying sleep disorder.

To get clarity on what causing this daytime fatigue and urge to fall sleep all day, a sleep specialist may ask you to take a sleep test, which is otherwise called a polysomnogram.

You are obese or diabetic or have other chronic diseases

Being obese ups your chances of sleep apnea. Same is true when you are a diabetic.

If you?re obese or diabetic or both and snore loudly, do get yourself tested for sleep apnea, a sleep disorder that interferes with your breathing when you fall asleep ? this interference, which you might not even notice ? ends up badly impacting your sleep health, and puts you at risk of developing a host of complications including strokes and hypertension.

If you have an unexplained rise in blood pressure (hypertension), it could be due to obstructive sleep apnea.

You are scheduled for a surgery

You may be tested for sleep apnea during a pre-surgical screening to determine your ability to breathe without disruption during the operation.

If you?re diagnosed with sleep apnea, your treatment team will encourage you to start the treatment for sleep apnea prior to surgery. And though there are different treatment options available, which your doctor will discuss with you, it is the positive airway pressure (PAP) that is considered the most common and the most effective option.

You need a follow-up sleep study

You will need a second sleep study or have to take some other tests when you were earlier diagnosed with a sleep disease, say Sleep Apnea or Narcolepsy, but the conditions have changed a lot in the past some time ? may be you?ve put up a lot more weight or have lost heavily, or your entire lifestyle has changed massively ? in this condition, your doctor may ask you to take a new sleep study.

A sleep study is designed to gather data of your behaviour in your sleep. This data is then scored by trained sleep technologist. The final report helps the sleep specialist to figure out the causes behind the poor sleep health of the patient and recommend the best steps to combat for achieving a better health.

If you too feel that you?re failing to get your due share of shut eye for the past many days, seeing a sleep specialist can help. Speak with a sleep specialist now, on +91-9871-16-2211.

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