A healthy night’s sleep is our fundamental human right

healthy sleep habits and tips

We spend almost one-third of our life sleeping. And if you try to combine the hours we sleep in our life time, it’s huge, it’s really huge.

But why do we sleep every day? What makes us feel sleepy every night? And why do we feel good when we wake up from a full night’s sleep?

These questions need answers – and for centuries, the curious species, we-the-mankind, have been trying to decode sleep. We’ve found some answers; but we have still a long way ahead to find out all about sleep and why we sleep this much.

You are not even safe at home or in your office. As per this report, 76 per cent offices and homes are exposed to polluted air. Dr. Himanshu Garg, Director, Aviss Health, shares his concern over rising air pollution and what needs to be done to stay away from respiratory disease and disorders.

There have been many studies conducted in the past, recent times, and many studies are underway in different parts of the world. But if we try to understand sleep from a layman perspective, it’s all too simple. After a day of work, our mind and body need some rest; and we should ideally aim for an 8-hour of peaceful sleep. It’s during the sleeping time that our body takes up the work of healing and growth. For a healthy life, we need a healthy sleep.

What can we do to induce sleep?

Our lifestyle has changed drastically over last decade. We now watch TV till mid night. We have video games to drool over for hours. And then there are new-age things like FB and Twitter that keep the youngsters up till the wee hours.

Our diet also plays a big role in our sleep health. And since we’re increasingly moving away from healthy diet, we’re seeing a steep rise in sleep disorders.

But we can change it all if we can commit ourselves to making some modifications. For example, there’s not much effort involved in ensuring that you take brisk walk every day or take up a dance class. Including green vegetables such as spinach and carrots and seasonal fruits such as apple and banana is also something that you can easily include in your everyday life. Sleep specialists also recommend a little work on how your bedroom looks and feels like. Ideally, your bedroom should be quite. You should get on your bed only when you’re feeling sleepy. Before it’s your sleep time, you can spend some time reading a book or listening to some soft music. Meditation also helps in calming your muscles and helping you sleep sans interruptions.

What to do if nothing helps?

If sleep tips do not help, it could be something serious. And you should see a sleep doctor to find out what exactly is stopping you from taking a good night’s sleep. Your doctor is likely to ask you questions about your sleeping habits, your work, your medical history, whether someone in your family has or had a sleep related problem to find out any clue behind your sleeplessness. He or she can also recommend you to take a sleep study test which is an overnight test wherein you are monitored by a professional all night. The technology helps in capturing your movements while you were in sleep to determine whether you are affected by a sleep disorder, and if there is a sleep disorder, whether it is sleep apnea or narcolepsy or night walks or something else.

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